who we are

Genius Bar is the first and only broth café in Thailand. We are passionate makers of homemade broths that are incredibly delicious, nourishing and will leave you actually feeling good after you’ve had a cup. All of our broths are made with high-quality ingredients from trusted suppliers both locally in Thailand and internationally. Genius Bar isn’t your regular health-food café. It’s a bright, friendly place to make you feel you’re part of an inclusive community; a place to hang out, to work, and most importantly, a place to revitalize your health! The health benefits of having broth regularly are unmatched. We can’t wait to see you.

our story

Every brand has a story. Ours is founded on the genuine obsession of serving others – and what better way to fulfill this by providing a health food that is equally nutritious as it is delicious. The team behind Genius Bar is made up of passionate health advocates that have dedicated the last three years researching about how to optimize health and promote longevity through nutrition. Learn about how Genius Bar came to be and why we are obsessed with these delicious and health-boosting broth recipes!

about genius bar

a broth a day…

There’s a reason why mothers and doctors alike prescribe broth when you feel under the weather. Recognized for its incredible health benefits, its nutrient-density, its gut health promotion and its delicious flavor, broths are becoming trendier and should absolutely be a staple in your everyday diet. Health experts would even call it the missing health link in peoples nutritional lifestyles. Learn more about why you should drink at least one cup of broth a day from Genius Bar.

broth benefits

a healthy process

Genius Bar is a firm believer in the philosophy of whole, natural, and chemical-free sources for our ingredients. Our broths taste incredible because we hold the highest standards in food quality, not in food quantity. In addition to the amazing taste, our broths are exceptionally nutritious. You can find all of the valuable amino acids, collagen, gelatin, and trace minerals in our broths – all in a form our body easily absorbs. Read more about our process in creating our broth recipes.

how we make it

what makes us unique

All of our vegetables, including our rare mushrooms, are organic and locally grown at our farm in Wang Nam Khiao – a high-grade ozone region in Thailand renowned for its fresh air and soil.

All our beef bones come from trusted local cattle farmers – free of antibiotics and hormones. We also import grass finished bones from highly reputable suppliers in Australia.

Our chickens are cage-free and fed a diet free of hormone & antibiotics, chemicals and pesticides.

No shortcuts. Every batch of our broth is slowly simmered for up to 12-16 hours (the sweet spot). This cooking process allows us to extract the most nutrients and flavor from each ingredient in the pot.

For non-meat eaters, we have something incredibly special for you: we serve an “Einstein Elixir” made from lion’s mane mushroom, cordyceps, shiitake mushrooms, carrots, celery and onions. It is 100% vegan and vegetarian.

We genuinely want people to feel better. This means that from start to finish, the well-being of our customers is top-of-mind and we wouldn’t feed you anything we wouldn’t feed our own family. This is our promise!