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I Drank Bone Broth 3X A Day And This is What Happened To My Skin

Darren here, the Co-Founder of Genius Bar BKK. Before you read this post, kindly note that I’m not claiming to give medical advice of any kind. I’m just sharing a very interesting body transformation that may be due in part to drinking bone broth daily – you be the judge!

We opened Genius Bar roughly five weeks before this post – and although I’ve been drinking bone broth on a regular basis before the launch – having delicious broth available all day unsurprisingly boosted my intake to about three-to-four cups a day. Pretty sweet, right?

Anyways, onto my remarkable discovery.

Around two years ago I started to develop patches of discolored skin on the back of my neck and upper back. I assumed they were just sun spots, or what’s also known as ‘liver spots‘ (even though they have nothing to do with the liver). I didn’t see a medical doctor. Until this day, I’m not certain what the condition was – it could’ve been a skin pigmentation disorder, a rash, a skin infection, maybe even something more serious.

Photos of my discolored skin patches earlier this year.

Fast forward to today – five weeks after the opening of Genius Bar BKK and drinking 3-4 cups of bone broth daily – and you can see from the photo below that all of the discoloration completely vanished.

No more discolored skin pigmentation! Photos taken June 23, 2019.

Was it the bone broth?

In my utmost unbiased opinion, I believe it was.

And if it was, what are the qualities in the bone broth that could have “healed” the skin issues I was having? There are many, actually.

*Note: I haven’t changed my daily routine since March, nor have I started using any creams or lotions on the affected area.

No Skin Creams or Supplements. Just Natural Collagen.

Even if you’ve never come across bone broth before, you’ve likely heard of collagen, and we can thank the commercial beauty industry for that.

Anti-aging skin creams, collagen injections in face creams, moisturizers and serums – they’re everywhere, especially here in Bangkok.

The kicker that many people don’t know: collagen molecules in these beauty products are too big to be absorbed through the skin, providing little to no results!

Natural collagen from bone broth, however, helps form tissues found in skin that increase its elasticity, gives it strength, and gives it a smooth appearance. Studies have found that increased consumption of collagen are associated with improvements in skin barrier functions, reductions in wrinkles and sagging, and increased hydration. (1)

And like me, although you won’t notice any significant improvements within a few days, increased collagen intake may also decrease the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite is produced when there is a lack of connective tissue, which is made from collagen.

So if you ask me, yes, drinking bone broth 3-4 times a day for the past few months has cured me of my skin issue.

I don’t have a randomized control study to present to you, but I can tell you that from my experience with elimination diets and food tolerance/intolerance testing, there is definite correlation. So whether or not you’re dealing with skin problems, we encourage you to try our broth for it’s other amazing health benefits (and because it’s absolutely delicious!).

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