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Our story is simple: we are a team that is obsessed with health and nutrition, and we have a genuine passion to serve others by leading them to optimal health.

Enter: broth, the missing link for great health.

Brewing broth is a tradition that dates back thousands of years, recognized for its incredible health benefits. We created Genius Bar in order to share this amazing ancient secret with as many people as possible; so that everyone – young or old, male or female, fit or sedentary – can reap the remarkable benefits of homemade broths.



We are proud to be the first and only dedicated broth café in Bangkok, located at The Eight Thonglor – a trendy upscale mall in the heart of the city. Whether you are looking for a healthy grab-and-go drink, or a bright and vibrant atmosphere to chill or get some work done, Genius Bar is your spot.


Your broth makers at Genius Bar are also committed health enthusiasts. We pride ourselves on serving food that we would serve ourselves, and to our family and friends. This means no shortcuts when it comes to the quality and environmental impact of all of our ingredients. If we won’t eat it, we won’t serve it!Side note: Co-Founder Darren Liu is a certified Primal Health Coach and Co-Founder Kat Thongpeng is currently working towards her certification. #passion!

Super Food Made with

 Super Ingredients

We love to cook – especially at home – because when you control all the ingredients you know exactly what type of nutrients, vitamins and other good stuff that goes into your meals. It’s no different at Genius Bar. We set a high standard for the ingredients that go into your delicious cup of broth; from the animal bones, to the vegetables in the base, and even down to the type of seasoning salt. It all matters!