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A ‘Genius Review’ of our Favorite Online Grocery in Bangkok

If you’re living in Bangkok, if you’re focused on your nutrition, and if you’re always looking for ways to optimize your health and well-being, you should already be familiar with — or have ordered from — Paleo Robbie, the most trusted online grocery source for the best quality meat and health products in Thailand, bar none.

When I moved to Bangkok three years ago, I was in a desperate search for an honest source for my groceries, especially my meats. Living in Thailand, also known as the country that adds-sugar-to-everything, I initially found it tough to find good quality groceries without any hidden ingredients like MSG, added sugar or other poor additives.

Enter: Paleo Robbie.

They’re tagline: JUST EAT REAL FOOD. Nothing processed. Nothing artificial. Your great grandmother would recognize this food.

Now if that doesn’t speak to your nutritional core, I don’t know what will. No misleading health claims, no shortcuts, no hidden agenda’s found here –that’s why I love them.







My Carnivore Diet 2018 

In Summer 2018, before the recent super-emergence of the #carnivorediet, I did a 30-day Carnivore Diet experiment of my own to see what type of results I would get (positive or negative), which you can find in my Medium article here

I can report in confidence that most of my positive takeaways from the experience was credited to the meat I was eating. 90% of the animals products were sourced from Paleo Robbie, the majority of it being 100% grass-fed beef and organ meats, pasture-raised lamb, wild salmon from Alaska, and of course the pasture-fed eggs!

When you eat nothing but nutrient-rich, well-sourced protein and mineral salt, magical things can happen. A video log is also included in the Medium article, so make sure you check it out.

Genius Bar BKK & Paleo Robbie

We at Genius Bar BKK pride ourselves on serving honest, delicious real food to the people of Bangkok. So we thought; if we personally enjoy eating Paleo Robbie-sourced groceries everyday, why not share the love of #nutrition to our patrons by sourcing some of our ingredients from them too? 

Check out our menu here and you will find their super-succulent and flavourful 100% grass-fed Canterbury prime steer ribeye (best seller), as well as their pasture-raised beef liver that you can have in your ka prao or pad khing for that big boost of bioavailable vitamins, nutrients and healthy fats.

With our mission being to serve as many people in the city as possible — whether through our food, our broth or through my health coaching — it’s only right that we partner with a company that shares the same core values as us. The owner, Erik, comes into Genius Bar BKK almost daily for his daily combo of bone broth and ka prao, a Thailand street food staple (without the MSG, processed vegetable oil and other additives).

Hot item alert: You can also find our frozen-friendly packages on the grocery now.

Our Favorite Items on the Grocery

  • Pasture-raised prime steer Canterbury ribeye steak
  • Wild salmon fillets from Alaska
  • Wild cod
  • Sugar-free bacon
  • Pistachio nut butter
  • Paleo muffins 

Our Favorite Items on the Meal Plan

  • Mexican ribeye and rump fajitas and guacamole
  • Lasagna without the grains!
  • Chicken shnitzel (new)
  • Chipotle pork meatballs

If you’re ordering for the first time on Paleo Robbie, you can use the discount code DARREN500 to receive 500 baht off your first order. #steal!

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