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Imagine a place that serves your favorite Thai street food dishes using only the best ingredients, and without the inflammation and heartburn that usually follows. This place exists! We pride ourselves on serving real food with real ingredients, without skimping on great flavor.

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Pa Ka PRAO - 180 baht

PaD Khing - 180 baht

Choose: Grassfed AU ground beef, organic chicken breast, chicken offals, pasture-raised beef liver (30 baht extra).

GENIUS PAD THAI - 199 baht

Made with gluten-free potato noodles, two duck eggs, extra virgin olive oil, chives, bean sprouts, apple cider vinegar, sea salt, watermelon & pumpkin seeds, Genius pad Thai sauce (coconut milk, shallots, fish sauce, chili, palm sugar, sea salt). 

Tom kha - 240 baht

Made with organic chicken thigh, organic coconut milk and a bunch of other organic tasty ingredients.

NZ MUSSELS - 280 baht

Made with organic sweet basil. Simple yet so delicious and nutrient-rich!

"choy sum more" salad - 160 baht

Our original recipe of organic choy sum + a wonderful medley of pumpkin seeds, ginger and watermelon seeds.

homemade kimchi - 80 baht

Because it's hard to find good quality kimchi in Bangkok without added sugar and preservatives. We use organic napa cabbage and a lot of TLC.

STEAK & EGGS - 260 baht

Two Wellington prime striploin breakfast steaks from New Zealand — 100% grass-fed; served with two duck eggs (fried or scrambled) and rice (optional).

Choose: Grassfed AU ground beef, organic chicken breast, chicken offals, pasture-raised beef liver (30 baht extra).

dry noodle bowl - 190 baht

Choose:  egg noodle, potato noodle, or rice noodle. Made with antibiotic/hormone-free pork and pork liver.

100% grass-fed ribeye - 650 baht

Canterbury prime steer ribeye steak from New Zealand. You won't find a better price point for this quality of beef, guaranteed!

the "darren" - 280 baht

Probably the most nutrient-dense dish on the menu. Darren's favorite dish of grass-fed ground beef, pasture-raised beef liver, chicken offals, organic holy basil - cooked in our own chicken broth.


Served with kimchi, greens, and rice; salmon loin is topped with a fresh, homemade chimichurri-like sauce.

Amazingly healthy in omega-3 fatty acids and other great vitamins and minerals.Almost all other breeds of salmon on the market are farmed and full of antibiotics, hormones and chemicals.